"No tenemos otro mundo al que podernos mudar" Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We manufacture our clothes with minimal environmental impact in mind. We work each day to reduce our CO2 footprint. All our clothes are manufactured in close proximity to Madrid, and we strive to work with local suppliers and distributors.

Sometimes that cannot be done: some 10% of the raw materials we use come from countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, though we work each day to bring all our suppliers a little closer. And the most important thing: we aim to eradicate completely the use of plastic along our production and distribution chain.


We look for fabrics that cause the minimum harm possible to the environment. We do that by carefully selecting fabric composition, by using organic cotton or recycled fibers, or by simply avoiding intense colouring that require toxic dying processes. In each garment we produce, we aim to maintain a fair balance between environmentally good and less good fabrics. In many cases, either colour or texture requirements make that very difficult.

This is why each piece that we produce carries its own DNA file, with a detailed description of the fabrics used and their origins. For us, sustainability is a mission, a goal that we work towards as we aim to be as respectful as possible of the environment in the production of each piece of clothing. Though we do sell pieces made of 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled fibers, we also sell others made of standard cotton or synthetic fibers. We look for new solutions each day and hope that they will be within our grasp soon.




The Plastic Age

Human history is often described by the technology and materials that were used during a particular period – such as the Stone Age, Iron Age and the Bronze Age. Some would argue that we are now living through a new period – the Plastic Age. The world produces 335 million tonnes of plastic every year, of which 91% goes unrecycled. And more than 8 million tons end up in the sea.



There are countless unnecessary objects that come with a piece of clothing (receipts, tags, bags) which we only use once for a few seconds and then proceed to turn into junk that will go into a landfill or even our oceans.

At Cosmosophie, this is one of the issues that we have been determined to tackle from the very beginning. Each of our products is delivered in a reusable fabric bags and in boxes made of recycled cardboard.

We aim to eradicate completely the use of plastic along our production and distribution chain. In same cases this is today still impossible – as with rolls of fabric – but we have eliminated plastic in our workshops, finding alternative ways of bagging and protecting our clothes during transport.

The box that you will receive in your house only contains cardboard or recycled and recyclable paper.