"Changing the world , my dear Sancho, is not madness or utopia, but justice"  El Quijote - Miguel de Cervantes -

We are totally disconnected from the people that produce the clothes we buy. More than 97% of our clothes are manufactured in countries with limited labour rights, by some of the worst-paid labourers in the world. Almost 98% of those are women. They could be us, our mothers or daughters.

At Cosmosophie we aim to integrate our workshops, designers and seamstresses in the production chain as integral members of our team. We not only familiarize ourselves with their working conditions, and we also negotiate fair prices for each and every piece they produce, which they consider fair.

A garment is not sown by a computer: it is sown by a person that spends hours sitting at a sowing machine. The good vibes and energy that a well-paid job creates carries through to the garment itself that we will then wear. It’s something intangible, it’s an invisible energy, but it is something we will feel when wearing it. And yes, it will be more expensive. We sometimes ponder in disbelief at the risible prices that the market pays those who make a piece of clothing, or at how productions chains are timed as if they were relay running races.

At Cosmosophie, we believe that fashion should be like good cuisine: a good recipe, quality ingredients and, most important of all, time.. as in slow cooking, where the necessary times that allow each ingredient to bring our its best flavour are respected.

Our clients appreciate these values and feel as content as we do in the knowledge that they are paying a little more for something that is more than a simple frock. 

We support local employment and entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs, we believe in the importance of supporting local employment and entrepreneurship, small industry and independent workshop that work hard to grow their business while paying fair salaries in the face of international competition.

“Enjoy and love this dress full of good vibes and energy”