The essence of the feminine universe...

"Our collection speaks of subtlety, of small details, of love and beauty. Our dresses are a way to connect both with the most delicate and the most powerful side of the feminine universe."


All our clothes carry a certain nostalgic note, a subtle throwback to the frocks our grandmothers used to wear, to the care and attention they put in each detail and every finish.

They seek to capture girlhood and the joy of trying out something new on a special day, something that you may remember wearing a few years down the line. 

At Cosmosophie, we create timeless pieces that hold their essence and beauty season after season.

Today’s fashion has turned into a series of ever-changing trends and high-speed collections. At Cosmosophie, all pieces are born instinctively, without reference to the current season or trend. We set our creativity free and strive to add value to each one of our works. 

At Cosmosophie, we reject the idea of fashion as disposable. We believe in and strive for a sustainable way of doing fashion, and follow a slower tempo, away from the frenzied rhythm imposed by the industry in its current form. We do not wish to produce tonnes of disposable fashion that the planet can neither recycle or absorb.  

We believe in CONCIUOS FASHION, in appreciating each and every piece that makes its way into our closet. We want to stop filling our wardrobes to the brink with things that probably have no value for us. 


“Our goal is to share with you the love that we and all our seamstresses put in each skirt and each dress that make up our collection. ”