Cosmic Philosophy …

The Cosmos is one of the more powerful images and one that is full of mystery. There, time doesn’t exist as a linear concept, because everything is cyclical, eternal and infinite. In this infinite that we are also part of, alongside galaxies, the solar system, the earth, ALL IS CONNECTED.


"Notthing happens untill something moves"

By making a small gesture, we will also do everything. We follow one of the principles of the Kybalion - “As above, so below” – in our day-to-day lives, in the awareness that what we do at the micro level will have a impact at the macro level. Even the smallest habits have an impact on the great scheme of things. The smallest gesture can have its own butterfly effect.

We observe that which surrounds us and that is good. We take in beauty, joy, light and life. All this is a reflection of that which is inside each and everyone of us. By embracing this philosophy, we follow the principle that we cannot change the planet without first changing our day-to-day world.

This is the starting point of our philosophy: it is based not in a well-defined knowledge, but in an attitude towards others and her own self.


“We create clothes believing in a new timeless & conscious fashion and wishing they stay with you forever.” -Cosmosophie-