Our Story

The birth of our "Femenine Universe"


A love story...

This is a story that takes shape little by little, over a slow fire, like everything that happens to us at Cosmosophie.

We, Carmen and Monica, had been working together for more than 10 years. Always making a good team. We decided to create our first project together creating a creative agency for fashion brands. Our life was a daily brain-storming to create concepts, slogans, campaigns, catalogs and shootings for other brands.

At the same time, our passion and our great love for fashion, to which we have dedicated our entire lives, set us on the path to start a new brand. Thus Cosmosophie was born.

The dream begins..

At the beginning we started designing only those garments that really amazed us; without barriers, without limits, seemingly impossible to produce and without measuring the amount of fabric in each dress. It was a dream, a way to reflect our love for femininity, delicacy and details.

Cosmosophie remained in a magical corner of our studio to which we dedicated our most creative hours, an escape from our day-to-day lives.

That beautiful coat rack remained in full view of our client friends and collaborators and little by little, without realizing it, we began to sell.

They and their enthusiasm changed the course of our lives. More and more people were pushing us to make our designs and dresses see the light and to share our vision of fashion with the world.


The summer that changed everything.

We created our first collection "Timeless" for the summer of 2019, we made an Instagram account, and we just let life take us to where we are today. We started attending fairs and presenting our designs in New York, Paris, Shanghai or Seoul. And our dream came true.

Thanks to you, our customers, we are present in more than 40 points of sale around the world, and our brand is considered one of the brands with more class, design and good taste in the world.

The Creative Atelier

We love to travel the world and open our eyes to imagine beautiful collections that are always different. We put all our heart and creativity in our work, and we always like to leave our mark on each of our designs, with a little star, or a golden bow. In our workshop you will always find: vintage fabrics, an antique dress bought in an antique shop, a lace from the last century and thousands of ribbons brought from here and there.


Our day-to-day

In our atelier, we cut the pattern fabrics, start the sewing machine and heat the iron (at the risk of setting off the fire alarm).

This allows us to try everything on, check an armhole, a length.... To be 100% sure that each of our models will look exactly as we have imagined it.

We continue to design each garment in our atelier in Madrid, working with traditional seamstresses and dressmakers, who refine all the patterns and finishes of our designs.

And every season, it's time to produce!

All our workshops are located in our city, because we love to work with locals, with our trusted people, and with small entrepreneurs of our city. We like to visit them throughout the process, define the finishes, and set fair prices for the garment.

Our Dream

Yes, our dream: To dress all girls and women with Cosmosophie. Since the beginning of the adventure, we searched and selected with great care multi-brand stores that would offer our garments to their customers. Today, we are still looking for the most beautiful boutiques and we work every day to get closer to you through our online store.

Our heart beats every time we see you on Instagram with your wonderful Cosmosophie dress.

And most importantly, you:

Hundreds of calls, emails and WhatsApps to serve you as best as possible and make you feel well cared for; Thousands of hours dedicated to our panel to find the dress that will make you dream; Racking our brains to find new services that make your life easier, and many hours on the terrace in the sun until we find the right words to tell you about our wonderful Cosmosphie and connect with you.